The New Zealand Pacific Business Council was honoured to host an Open Mic Webinar with the newly appointed Trade Commissioner to the Pacific David Dewar. This event, which took place yesterday on Wednesday the 22nd of September, was a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to learn more about NZTE’s work in the Pacific region as well as have their specific queries & concerns addressed.

The event, hosted and moderated by NZPBC Chairman Daniel Ludlam, started with David’s presentation of NZTE’s analysis of the Pacific market’s opportunities as well as the challenges the region has faced over the past couple of years. A key focus was addressing how New Zealand companies are able to leverage their capabilities against international competitors in order to compete more effectively. The presentation was concluded with a rundown of NZTE’s Pacific strategy moving forward.

The second half of the event was reserved for our ‘open mic’ section, where we invited attendees to ask questions or share their own experiences with each other. There was a lot of interaction with topics ranging from digital marketing potential to shipping remedies to maintaining customer bases. With our attendees having extensive experience and expertise, the conversations were very informative and provided great value.

One of the key issues, and something NZPBC will focus energy on is in the space of shipping into and between the Pacific Markets. With significant price escalations and the threat of services being impacted or removed due to global pressures, it was a concern raised by almost every attendee who took the chance to speak and share.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to David Dewar for featuring in this event and providing such great insight for our attendees. The NZPBC will be hosting more events like these in the future so we encourage you to join us through our website or contact us at for more info.