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Graeme Roberts is a planner by training and is a Technical Director (Planning) with the Beca group. Beca is NZ’s largest employee owned professional services consultancy offering services in engineering, planning, design and project management. Now approaching a century of services from its beginnings in 1918, Beca employs more than 3,000 persons across offices in NZ, Australia and Asia. Beca has a long track record of involvement in the Pacific Islands dating from the early 1970’s and covering more than 50 projects across 15 countries. Our business model is to look for local partners. We have a joint venture operation in Fiji of more than 20 years standing and have MOU’s with companies in Samoa and Guam. We have worked for a wide range of clients in the Pacific including private companies, foreign governments, the NZ Aid Programme, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Graeme has worked on a wide range of projects in the Pacific for more than 20 years including lengthy engagements in Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and the American oriented territories and states in the western Pacific. Projects have covered land use plans for urban and rural development; natural hazards management; ports and airports development; housing improvements; road and water supply projects; power and airports development. He is passionate about developing local talent in all places he works and has acted as a mentor to a number of emerging leaders in the land use planning space. He is active in the NZ Planning Institute and is actively supporting a Commonwealth Association of Planners initiative to develop a professional association for planners and related environmental management professionals across the Pacific region. Graeme has served on the Executive of the NZPBC for a number of years.

Graeme Roberts
Technical Director - Planning
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